Where Are You Located?

Grooveworks Studios is located at 1446 W. 178th Street, Gardena, CA 90248. Our nearest cross street is Normandie Ave. (just south of Artesia Blvd.). We are approximately 15 miles from Downtown Los Angeles, 11 miles from Downtown Long Beach, 10 miles from LAX, and 6 miles from Hermosa Beach.

Do You Have More Than one Location?

No. We only have one location in Gardena, CA. We used to be located in Torrance near Zamperini Field, but relocated closer to the freeways in 2012.


Do you Take Walk-Ins?

No. Because of our busy schedule, we require everyone to call ahead for rehearsals and recording. Please call (310) 403-5104.

No. Hourly Rehearsal hours are 11am to 11pm Monday through Friday, and 11am to 10pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Lockout tenants may come earlier in the day and stay until midnight or slightly later (if in the middle of recording/editing). We keep these hours to prevent overnight stays, late-night parties, and make sure our neighbors aren't disturbed.

Do you Have 24-Hour Access?

We suggest you call and reserve your room at least 24 hours before your desired time. Especially for daytime sessions. Most of our regulars have seen how busy we get and book their rooms a week in advance.  We can take same-day reservations, but it all depends on our availability. On slow days, if we don't have any rooms booked after 5pm, we usually close early and won't be able to take last minute bookings.

Can I Reserve a room Last-Minute?

Please call or text us ASAP before your session so we can work something out. Emergencies happen and we understand. We always appreciate it when people let us know about running late or needing to cancel. However, if you are a No-Show or cancel last-minute more than once, we will require a pre-payment for your future bookings.

What If I need to cancel or Reschedule?

All of our rehearsal prices include PA and backline! We only charge extra for the cymbal rental: $10 for the whole session (not per cymbal or per hour). If you need drumsticks, we sell 5A Maple ($4/pair) and 5A Hickory ($6/pair).

Do You Charge Extra to Use Your Gear?

Drummers need to bring your own sticks and cymbals, hi hat cymbals, and clutch. We rent cymbal sets and sell drumsticks, of needed.  You will definitely need to bring your own guitars, bass guitars, keyboards (sustain pedals, stand), straps, etc. Bass players in small rooms need to bring your own bass rig. If you need more than two music stands, we suggest bringing your own. We always supply PA equipment and backline (4-piece drumset & hardware, 4x12 guitar cabs, Line 6 combo amps if needed, bass amps w/ cabs). Our backline is simply here for your convenience and we never charge extra for it. If you are particular about your gear, we strongly suggest you bring your own. Ex: drummers usually like to bring their own snare drums, and guitarists bring their own heads.  Please note: Our gear gets a lot of use, but we take care of everything.  We disinfect our mics & stands, replace drum heads regularly, and repair amps when needed. If you’re not sure, just call us!

What Do I Need To Bring?

Where Are the Felts And WingNuts on the Cymbal Stands?

Like other rehearsal studios, we got tired of constantly losing all of our wingnuts / locking devices, felts, washers, and clutches (drummers must bring their own clutch with cymbals, or rent ours). Our stands in all rehearsal rooms now have No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves, which not only saves us money over time… It also saves drummers time setting up and breaking down! Slip your cymbals on & off, the soft flexible material allows your cymbal to rock & resonate (without a felt), and they won’t fly off. They are also available for sale at the studio ($12 for a pack of 3).


Yes, we charge for the time we open the door for you and when you leave. If you want to rehearse for 2 hours, but need an extra hour for set up & break down, smoke breaks, restroom breaks, etc... please reserve 3 hours. We are cool about letting most bands have a few extra minutes, but on busy days we need to make sure everyone is in and out on time and not cutting into others’ sessions

Do You Charge for our set-up and Break-down Time?

It’s ok, but please keep beverages in closed containers and do not place anything on amps, speakers, or A/C units. If you spill something, please let one of our attendants know ASAP!  Drunken behavior will not be tolerated.  If there is an excessive mess, damage to our gear, or rowdiness around the studio, you will be responsible for repairs and forced to leave.

Can We Have Food And Drinks In The Rooms?

NO. There is no smoking of any kind inside the studio. Also no lit candles, incense, vaping, e-cigarettes, pipes, or fog machines.  For the safety and comfort of all our customers, we ask that you smoke outside and away from the doors. Ashtrays are located by the seating area in the parking lot.

California Smoking Regulations

Can We Smoke In The Rooms?

Although we are in a mostly industrial area, there are some apartment buildings and homes nearby. Obviously loudness is no problem inside the building... But we ask that the back door stays closed in the evening while bands are playing, and please be quiet when going outside at night. Our neighbors will appreciate it!

Why Are there “Be Quiet” Signs Near the Back Door?

In order to hold a monthly room for you, we will need a deposit (half month's rent). Rent is due on the 1st of each month (no later than the 5th). We accept check, cash, card, PayPal, or Venmo. There is no background or credit check. We do not make you sign a lease agreement or try to lock you in. It's simply month-to-month. If you need to move out, we require a 30-day notice.

What is Required to Rent A MOnthly Studio Space?

Yes. Any items found in the rooms will be locked up in storage for up to 60 days. Please double check your room before leaving! If you are missing something, please call us right away... do not wait until your next rehearsal to mention your lost item. If there is a name or phone number on the item, we will definitely contact the owner. Any unmarked items left for more than 60 days may be discarded or donated. We have successfully returned many phones, iPods, backpacks, several guitars in cases, cymbals, jewelry, laptops, stands, etc. We are not responsible for anything left in the parking lot or anywhere outside.

Do You Have a Lost & Found?

We remove posters from our bulletin boards about a week after your event took place to make room for new ones. But we love to keep them! So you might see it pop up permanently on our giant wall of posters! For the really groovy ones, we may ask for your autograph so we can frame them ;)

I put Up A Band Flyer several weeks ago… Where Did It Go?