For over 19 years Grooveworks has been opening its doors to famous jazz composers, internationally touring bands, top tribute acts, local rockers, high school bands, music instructors, large church ensembles, recording studio artists, DJs, theater groups, comedians, dancers, photographers, and filmmakers.


How We Got Started

“I’ve been a musician for 40 years. In the late 90’s I finally got tired of the long commutes and high cost of rehearsing and recording in Hollywood. There wasn’t much available to musicians in my neighborhood. And there was a LOT of great music coming out of the South Bay, from punk and metal, to jazz and R&B. So in 2000 I started Grooveworks Studios in Torrance with a few partners, not only to have a place where I could rehearse my own music, but to bring other South Bay artists closer to home and make it easier for them. We had an 8,000-square foot facility with state-of-the-art recording equipment, a large concert stage, and 16 other rehearsal rooms. Over the years we became busier, a few big names came through to practice and record with us.

In 2012 my wife and I relocated the studio to Gardena to be closer to the freeways. We now specialize in hourly rehearsal rooms with PA & backline, and spaces for independent recording studios. A lot of customers walk into our small hourly rooms and laugh and say it’s bigger than most “large” rooms they’ve been in. Along with my contractor, I put a lot of work into the design of the rooms… the angles of the ceilings and walls are all designed specifically for live music. Most of our budget went into the walls: the many layers of soundproofing materials, auralex, ornate wool rugs, etc. Our customers definitely notice how quiet the rooms are (despite bands blasting next door) and how great the sound quality is.” ~Rodney Pino

The Early Days

Torrance, CA 2000 - 2012

Please Note: This video was recorded at our old location in Torrance. Our address and phone number have changed since then.

This is by far the nicest, most well kept, professionally equipped rehearsal space for the money. It is clean, nicely decorated, and the staff is polite and accommodating.
— Gregg Wietstock, 3 Days In The Grave

Voyage LA Article - 2017

Gardena, CA 2012 - Present

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Rodney Pino’s Article in The Metal Mag

Issue No. 19 (August-Sept. 2017) “Terri’s Rockin Drummers” List


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