Filming Location

Grooveworks has been used for music videos, fashion photoshoots, school projects, and commercials!  Filming rates start at $250 (small projects, 1-2 rooms, up to 5 hours).  Full-day large shoots avg. $700-$1,500 (up to 14 hours, multiple rooms/hallways/lounge, larger crews, complete silence, moving furniture, etc.). Please call for quote.

Recording Services

We have spaces for Small ProTools Rooms or Recording Studios.

Several Grooveworks clients offer recording services within our studio. Please call and we can get you in touch with the engineer to fit your needs. Recording rates start at $35 per hour.

Monthly Drum Rooms

Month-to-Month, No Contract!

(30-day notice to vacate required)

Well-insulated with carpeting, Auralex, bass traps, etc.

Central Air Conditioning.

Deadbolt Locks.

Please call for availability. Our rooms fill fast! We can put you on a waiting list if something you need is not currently available. Because of demand, most of our old band lockouts are being converted into hourly rooms and recording studios.

Large Rehearsal Room

Room #10 

Size:  Large - 28' x 18' with 12' vaulted ceiling.

Recommended for groups of 7 or more.

Price*:  $22 per hour (2 hour minimum) * $28 per hour for groups of 10 or more people. Prices for rehearsal only. Please call for recording, photoshoot, or filming rates.

Maximum capacity: 18 people (more people may fit when all gear is removed). Plenty of room to spread out and choreograph moves.

8' x 8' Drum Riser.

Mirrors, Groovy 60's Chandeliers, Ornate Wool Rugs.

Air Conditioning.

Includes PA and backline:

  • Mixing Board with 16 channels
  • 6 Powered 1000 watt speakers
  • Mics, Cables, and Stands
  • 4-piece Drum Kit w/ Hardware, Kick Pedal, and Throne
  • Drummers need to bring sticks, cymbals, and clutch!
  • Guitar Cab (4x12) or Combo Amp
  • Bass Amp with Cab
  • iPod/Laptop Auxiliary cable
  • Limited Seating and Music Stands

Hourly Rooms

Small - Rooms  #8 & 9 (17' x 14')

           $15 per hour (2 hour minimum)

           Comfortably fits up to 5 people.

Medium - Rooms 3 & 7 (17' x 17')

           $17 per hour (2 hour minimum)

           Comfortably fits up to 7 people.

Each Room Includes:

  • PA with mics & stands
  • 1 Guitar Cab (4x12) or Combo Amp
  • 1 Bass Amp with Cab
  • 4-piece Drum Kit w/ Stands, Kick Pedal, and Seat
  • Drummers need to bring sticks, cymbals, and clutch!​
  • iPod/Laptop RCA cable if needed
  • Music stand
  • Limited seating
  • Air conditioning

​​Studio Amenities

  • Air Conditioning
  • Free WIFI
  • 24-Hour Security 
  • Gated Parking Lot
  • Lounge with Music Magazines
  • Snack & Drink Vending Machine
  • Vater 5A Hickory Drumsticks $5/pair
  • Cymbal set for rent: $10 per session
  • Bulletin Boards for Ads & Networking
  • Complimentary Mints and Guitar Picks
  • Sparkling Clean Restroom
  • Friendly, Helpful Staff
  • Earplugs, Guitar Strings, and Batteries

           available for sale

The South Bay's Premier Music Rehearsal Studio