• Extremely Durable
  • Self-Threading
  • Simple
  • ​Time-Saving
  • ​Extra Long
  • ​Money Saving

Available in Red or Black

Individual.......................$5 each

Pack of 3................................$12

Order by Phone:  310-403-5104


At Grooveworks: 1446 W. 178th Street, Gardena, CA 90248

Made in the U.S.A.

Patent  9,842,574

Available at Grooveworks Studios

NO NUTS Cymbal Sleeves are a must-have for drummers on the go!! 

Unlike other sleeves and mounts, No Nuts are made of an extremely durable & flexible polymer that will last many months (even years) of use.

Grooveworks Studios owner, Rodney Pino, came up with the idea after years of plastic sleeves cracking and losing dozens of washers and wingnuts in his hourly rehearsal rooms. His business partner and expert in the silicone, plastic & rubber industry, Bill McFadden, found the perfect high-tech material that would withstand 1,000+ hours of use.

​The extra long design eliminates the need for time-consuming wingnuts or locking devices, while still keeping the cymbals from flying off. The flexible, threadless design will fit most 8mm stands by squeezing or twisting on... No fear of stripping any threads over time or removing after each use. We hope these cymbal sleeves will save you money, time, and frustration!

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