​​​​​Where are you located?

1446 W. 178th Street, Gardena, CA 90248... between Western Ave. and Normandie, south of Artesia Blvd.  Just a minute from the 405, 110, and 91 FWY exits!  LAX is 15 minutes away.  And we are a great location between Hollywood & Long Beach!

Do you have other locations?

No, just this one in Gardena.  Grooveworks first opened in Torrance near the airport in 2000, but we closed that location and relocated to Gardena in July 2012.

Are you 24 hour access?

No. Hourly Rehearsal hours are 11am to 11pm Monday - Friday, and 11am to 10pm Saturdays & Sundays. Rehearsals, recording, and tours are by appointment only. Monthly tenants may come earlier in the day and stay until midnight or slightly later (if in the middle of recording/editing).  We keep these hours to make sure our neighbors aren't disturbed. Living in lockouts is not allowed.

What is required to move into a monthly space?

In order to hold a lockout for you, we need a deposit.  Rent is due on the 1st of each month (no later than the 5th).  There is no background or credit check. We do not make you sign a lease agreement or try to lock you in.  It's simply month-to-month.  A 30-day notice is required before you move out.

Do you take walk-ins?

​No. We are by appointment only. Please call and book a session or request a tour prior to your visit.  We suggest you reserve at least 24 hours before your rehearsal.  If you leave a message, we will get back to you. Please wait for confirmation from the owner before arriving.

What if my band calls last-minute?

You mght get lucky!  Evenings get very busy and most regulars start booking a week or more in advance. We suggest you reserve your room at least 24 hours before your desired time. Especially for morning sessions! If you call before 11am, leave a message and wait for a confirmation during business hours.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Please call or text us ASAP so we can work something out.  If you are running late and need to push your session back a few hours, you may be responsible for paying for the total hours reserved & used if we had to turn down other bands who wanted that slot.  

Do you charge a fee for last-minute cancellations or no-shows?

Not for your first cancellation.  We get it... stuff happens. However, if you call to cancel right before your session more than once, or are a No-Show, we will ask for a pre-payment before your next session... or we will not be able to book you again.  

Do you charge extra to use your gear?

All of our prices include PA and backline!  However, drummers must bring their cymbals, hi hat cymbals & clutch.  We have 5-piece cymbal sets for rent if you forget yours... $10 for the entire session. First come, first served. We recommend you reserve them when you book the room. Vater 5A Los Angeles Hickory drumsticks are also available for sale: $5 /pair.

What do I NEED to bring?

You will definitely need to bring your own instruments: guitar, bass, keyboard, keyboard stands, straps, etc.  Drummers should bring their own sticks, cymbals & clutch. We do have Vater 5A Hickory drumsticks for sale ($5/pair) and cymbal sets for rent ($10) just in case.  If you need more than two music stands, we suggest bringing your own. We always supply PA equipment and backline (basic 4-piece drumset & hardware, 1 guitar cab (or combo amp), 1 bass amp & cab, several mics, XLR cables, and mic stands). If you are particular about your instruments & gear, we strongly suggest you bring your own.  Ex: drummers usually like to bring their own snare drums, and guitarists and bassists sometimes bring their own heads.  Please note: Our gear gets a lot of use, but we take care of everything.  We disinfect our mics & stands, replace drum heads regularly, and repair amps when needed.

Do you charge for the time we spend setting up and breaking down?

Yes. We charge for the time we open the door for you and when you leave.  If you want to rehearse for 2 hours, but need extra time for set up & break down, smoke breaks, etc... please reserve 2.5 or 3 hours.  We are cool about letting most bands have a few extra minutes when the schedule permits, but on busy days we need to make sure everyone is in and out on time.  Treat rehearsal just like your gig.

Can we bring drinks into the rooms?

Sure, we don't have a problem with it.  Please keep beverages in closed containers and do not place anything on amps, speakers, or A/C units. If you spill something, please let one of our attendants know ASAP.  Drunken behavior will not be tolerated.  If there is an excessive mess, damage to our equipment, or inappropriate behavior around the studio, you will be forced to leave and replace anything that is damaged.

Can I smoke in the room?

NO. There is no smoking of any kind inside the studio. For the safety and comfort of all our customers and employees, you must smoke outside. Ash trays are located at the seating area by the parking lot. If you are caught smoking, vaping, or lighting up anything inside the building (pipes, incense, candles, etc.), you will be forced to leave. Because our building is full of rugs, auralex, and other plush surfaces, smoke and odors are very difficult to get rid of. 

​Can we bring lighting and fog machines?

If it is for a video shoot, please call the owner for more information. LED lights are welcome, but the old-school hot lights (halogen, etc.) are not. Please DO NOT bring fog machines to rehearsal. 

​I posted a band flyer on your bulletin board a few weeks ago... Where did it go?

We remove posters after your event took place to make room for new ones. But we love to keep them! So you might see it pop up permanently on our giant wall of posters!  For the really groovy ones, we may ask for your autograph so we can frame them for our gallery ;)  

Why are there signs to be quiet near the back door?

Although we are in a mostly industrial area, there are some apartment buildings and homes nearby. Obviously loudness is no problem inside the building... But we ask that the back door stays closed while bands are playing in the evening, and everyone keeps quiet outside at night after 9pm.  Our neighbors will appreciate it. 

Do you have a Lost & Found?

​Yes. Anything left will be noted and locked up in storage. Because of limited space, items will be kept up to 90 days.  We are not responsible for items left behind and picked up by the next band.  Please DOUBLE CHECK your room before leaving.  If you are missing something, call us right away... don't wait until your next session!  If we know exactly who the item belongs to, we will definitely contact you or the band member who booked your room. 

​​Why does it cost more for filming? Can't I shoot a video for the Rehearsal Rate?

It depends... If you are just using an iPhone or small handheld camera to shoot a band in one of the rehearsal rooms, we will charge the regular rehearsal rate for that room. However, if you have 10 or more people in your production group, are using lighting, hanging up backdrops & decorations, need us to move any equipment out of the rooms, need to use more than one room, or hallways & lounges, need extra space for hair/makeup/catering, or require complete silence if recording sound (therefore we'll have to vacate the entire building and pay the recording engineers to take the day off)... that's when we have to charge more than the rehearsal rates. Please call the owner for a quote at 310-403-5104 with your production size, equipment used, timeline, and requirements.

Frequently  Asked  Questions

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